Céline Oulié is fortunate to possess an ideal environment for her vines. While she has 20 hectares of land, vines only take up 5 of those hectares. The other 15 hectares are comprised of 10 hectares of cereal fields, 2.5 hectares of forest, and 2.5 hectares of prairies (also one lake and two ponds). As a result she is able to forage most of the ingredients needed for her biodynamic preparations on her own property!

The property has been in Céline's family since 1924, and it was her great-great-grandmother who started a working farm there, and then her great-grandmother that carried on the tradition from there. Céline's father planted vines 40 years ago, and after a change in career, it was Céline's mother who took over as a winemaker. The name of the domaine "Les Mets d'Âmes" is a play on words that pays hommage to the women who have been in charge of the domaine over the years (Les Mesdames) and also to the soul (Âme) that they put into their work.

Her whites are classified in the appellation of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, while her reds are included in the appellation of Madiran. She is the only producer in these appellations to be certified biodynamic!

Céline Oulié (South-west)

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