F R Wine Imports

Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural Wine from France

Our winemakers

John lived in just outside Paris from 1958-1962 while his father was stationed in France. He learned to appreciate French food, wine and the way of life at a very young age, and transmitted this love to his kids.

John-Paul moved to France more than a decade ago to work for a few months as a tour guide. In 2009, John-Paul hosted dinners at his apartment focusing on French regional cuisine, which eventually led to the creation of the successful Culinary Tours of Paris in 2010.

After conducting hundreds of tastings and tours for several thousand clients, we decided to pool together our knowledge to create F & R Wine Imports, LLC., to provide some of France’s best organic and natural wine to an ever growing market in the United States.

John-Paul visits several natural wine fairs per year all over France, whether in Languedoc, Beaujolais, Provence, or in Paris. We spend time getting to know all of our winemakers, visiting them at their homes and seeing how they work in the vines. They have all become our friends over the years and we are very pleased to be able to share the wines of our friends with you!

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John-Paul harvesting Gamay in Beaujolais

John tasting wine in Burgundy

Our Philosophy

What makes our wines special?

 -The French producers with whom we are working are some of the more sought-after organic and natural wine producers in France itself.

 -These producers are all small, environmentally conscious winemakers, many of whom have had little exposure in the United States.

 -All are at the very least practicing organic, if not biodynamic and/or natural, winemaking techniques.

 -Minimal intervention in the winemaking process- no pesticides, no additives, no enzymes, no chaptalisation, only indigenous yeasts, minimal amounts of sulphur used, if any at all…

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