Stéphanie first began working in the vines in her hometown of Patrimonio on the island of Corsica in 2004, when her father proposed for her to take over the vines of her grandparents. She works 8 Hectares (20 Acres) and grows two of the main Corsican grapes: Niellucciu (most likely the same as Sangiovese of Italy, used for Chianti and Montepulciano, among others) for the reds and Vermentino for her dry white wines.

Stéphanie produced her first wines in 2006, which is impressive considering that she is self-taught and only two years before was working as a secretary with no particular interest in winemaking! Her wines are made organically with nothing but indigenous yeasts being used in the winemaking process.

Corsican wines are not only very often overlooked, but are very difficult to find (with the exception of cheap rosés that can be found in French supermarkets). These wines represent her true talent as a winemaker and are worth the trip from mainland France to obtain them!

Stéphanie Olmeta and Jean-Laurent Savelli (corsica)

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