Jonathan Pabiot (Loire)

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Jonathan Pabiot is a 5th generation winemaker in Pouilly-sur-Loire. This town is home to two appellations: Pouilly-sur-Loire, whose wines are made with 100% Chasselas, and Pouilly Fumé, perhaps one of the most famous sites for growing Sauvignon Blanc on earth!

The majority of the domaine consists of Sauvignon Blanc, though they do possess some Chasselas as well.

Jonathan's first vineyard  experience outside of Pouilly was with Léon Barral, perhaps one of the most famous natural wine producers in all of southern France. This experience convinced Jonathan that this was how they needed to work at his father Didier's domaine.

After much convincing, Jonathan was given 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) that belonged to his grandparents. He worked the land organically and biodynamically. Didier was so impressed with the results, that they decided toconvert the entire domaine to organic agriculture. They received their certification in 2010, making them the first to do so in the entire appellation. Even today, there is only one other producer that works organicallly! They have since received biodynamic certification from Demeter as well.